Why Saint Lucia is the Ultimate Bucket List Destination

Why Saint Lucia is the Ultimate Bucket List Destination

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Saint Lucia makes the ideal bucket list destination with everything from decadent dining to stunning sights to immersive cultural experiences. If you haven’t put this island on your list of must-see locations, you need to. Here are four compelling reasons to include Saint Lucia on your ultimate bucket list of vacations.

You’ll Find One-Of-A-Kind Sights

The sights on Saint Lucia are truly unparalleled. The two towering Pitons are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. These stunning volcanic spires reach 2,618 feet and 2,438 feet into the air, respectively. Saint Lucia is also home to the glittering Diamond Waterwall, lush rainforests, and the world’s only drive-in volcano, complete with mud baths and sulfur springs.

Whether you hike the Pitons themselves, view them from a catamaran cruise, or soak up the sun from a waterfall you’re sure to make your friends back home kinda jealous from your social posts!

The Island Serves Mouthwatering Cuisine

Saint Lucia’s distinctive and delicious cuisine features French, British, and Creole influences. Green bananas, saltfish, breadfruit, sweet potatoes, pork, and coconut feature prominently in many of the dishes here, not to mention the freshest seafood.

Saint Lucia is famous for its distinctive chocolate which is made from the island’s own famous cacao plantations. Distilleries on the island produce local rum and beer as well. Be sure to try the local Chairman’s Reserve rum and Piton beer. You can enjoy these flavors and more through the gourmet dining experiences available at Serenity at Coconut Bay.

Saint Lucia Has a Vibrant Culture

The culture of Saint Lucia, like the food, bears heavy influences from its French, English, and African heritage. You can immerse yourself in many of the island’s cultural traditions at Serenity at Coconut Bay. If you time your visit right, you can celebrate special holidays like Saint Lucia’s Independence Day on February 22 or party along with the Saint Lucia Carnival in mid-July. There’s always something special to enjoy.

The Ambiance is Perfect for Romance

Saint Lucia has everything you could want in a romantic bucket list destination. With a visit to Serenity at Coconut Bay, you can enjoy everything from horseback rides along the beach to a private dinner under the stars on your private plunge pool patio. With the attention of a personal butler at your disposal, you’ll find any desire can become a reality.

Book your stay at Serenity at Coconut Bay and check this visit off your bucket list! You’ll enjoy a luxury customized escape like nothing else in the world.