Never Had a Butler Service? Here’s What to Expect

Never Had a Butler Service? Here’s What to Expect

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For a lot of our guests, the thought of having a butler is so exotic they don’t know quite what to make of it. After all, butlers are something you see on movies or TV shows about the rich and famous, not something you experience in everyday life, right?

That may be true everywhere else, but not at Serenity at Coconut Bay. As part of your premium, all-inclusive luxury experience, every Serenity suite includes intuitive butler services. If you’re wondering exactly what that entails, just keep in mind that how much your butler does for you is entirely up to you and your comfort level.

You’ll Meet Your Butler at Check-In

All of our Serenity at Coconut Bay guests enjoy private check-in, and that’s when you’ll first meet your butler. When you arrive, your butler will take your bags and escort you to your suite. Your butler will then present you with our pillow menu so you can select a pillow with the level of firmness ideal for your comfort. If you need, your butler can also help you unpack, attend to any laundry you may have, and iron your clothes for you.

You Control How Much or How Little Your Butler Does

Some of our Serenity guests value privacy; others delight at the idea of being waited on. The nice thing about our butler service is that it’s completely personal to your needs and preferences. Your butler will do as much or as little as you want him to.

If it’s privacy you’re looking for, you don’t even need to see your butler during your stay! You can simply have him book your excursions and dinner reservations and leave any room service items in your service box. You can then leave your dishes in the same box when you’re done, and our staff will retrieve them for you discreetly.

On the other hand, if you’re looking forward to someone else taking a load off your shoulders, your butler is happy to handle all the little details for you. From the moment you arrive, your butler can draw an aromatherapy bath for you, for example, and even arrange to serve you dinner in your suite or on your patio. Every morning, your butler can serve you breakfast on your patio. And, every afternoon, your butler will be happy to come by and make you signature cocktails. It’s up to you!

No-Hassle Scheduling

Making dinner reservations, booking tours, and scheduling excursions is all in your butler’s hands. If you just let him know what you want and when you want to do it, he will handle everything for you. The same goes for spa treatments scheduled in our oceanfront Kai Mer Spa or in the comforts of your suite.

Having a butler might seem intimidating, but you can make it exactly what you want. Come see for yourself!