Personal Butler at Your Service

Personal Butler at Your Service

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Have you ever dreamed of how nice it would be to have your own personal butler? Serving you meals, scheduling appointments, and making you your favorite drinks. While having a butler at home might seem like a silly fantasy, it’s an everyday reality for our guests here at Serenity at Coconut Bay.

When you book one of our luxury Serenity suites, you will have your own personal butler available to you for every day of your stay. The best part is that you get to decide how much, or how little, you would like to interact with your butler during your vacation, so you get exactly the amount of privacy, and service, you desire.

From the Moment You Arrive, Your Wish Is Our Delight

One of the highlights of the Serenity at Coconut Bay luxury experience is our private check-in feature, which your personal butler makes possible. Once you arrive at the resort, your butler will help you with your luggage and personally escort you to your suite for check-in. After getting you settled, your butler will advise of the many options for him to assist you during your stay: from arranging private dinners and spa services in your suite to a private tour of the island.

Wine and Dine in the Privacy of Your Plunge Pool Suite

Your Serenity butler will be in charge of serving you in-suite meals and making you premium cocktails at your request. Again, all of this will happen in the privacy of your patio, where your butler will serve you a breakfast of your choosing each morning. Later in the afternoon, you can look forward to seeing your butler’s mixology skills at their finest when he crafts you signature cocktails using your custom-stocked outdoor wet bar.

We know how much our Serenity at Coconut Bay guests value their privacy, which is why we allow you to tailor your butler experience to your privacy expectations. Each Serenity Plunge Pool Suite has a privacy service box that allows you to receive room service items, such as food trays, without ever having to see or be seen by our staff or other guests. You’ll receive the utmost discretion as well as intuitive service during your stay.