What Chef Angelo Konidis is Bringing to Serenity

What Chef Angelo Konidis is Bringing to Serenity

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Fine dining has always been a priority at Serenity at Coconut Bay, and now we’ve enhanced the culinary experience by hiring five-star Chef Angelo Konidis to oversee the dining experiences in all of the restaurants at our resorts. With decades of experience working at hotels and restaurants both in the U.S. and in the Caribbean, Chef Angelo is revamping Serenity’s cuisine and bringing new initiatives to the table.

Farm-to-Table Meals at Serenity

After coming onboard, Chef Angelo has updated and enhanced the menu at our spectacular resort restaurant, the Greathouse. Thanks to Chef, we are now getting all our seafood from local fishermen. “We used to import a lot of our seafood from different parts of the world, but since we are right here in the Atlantic and the Caribbean, we have a lot of great seafood here,” Chef Angelo said. “Mainly fish – tuna, marlin, and snapper.” He calls it “contemporary Caribbean,” but very modern, light, and fresh.

Chef Angelo has made it a priority to gather these fish directly from local suppliers in order to create a sustainable lifestyle and a genuine Saint Lucia experience for guests at Serenity. By putting an emphasis on supporting local farmers and fishermen, we’re also strengthening the community’s economy and ensuring that you, the guest, are able to partake in as much Caribbean culture as possible.

The herbs, spices, and sauces have all been repeatedly tested and improved to ensure your satisfaction. Chef Angelo is an expert on Caribbean sauces and his approach is one that focuses on savory, local ingredients rather than on pre-made dressings, so you’ll be getting a plate of Saint Lucia flavor every morning and evening with some fruits, vegetables, and garnishes directly from our resort’s own organic greenhouse.

”I’ve tried to use the best and freshest ingredients,” Chef Angelo said. “My simple approach – very flavorful broths and sauces.” This means that our guests will have the chance to eat pure, authentic Saint Lucian cuisine made by our skilled Caribbean chefs. If you’re a foodie looking for a one-of-a-kind, unparalleled culinary adventure, Serenity is the perfect place to inspire your taste buds.

Fresh, Never Frozen

Chef Angelo has also introduced a “fresh only” initiative, which involves exclusively using the best and freshest ingredients from Saint Lucia in order to create both delicious meals and a sustainable lifestyle. The fruits and vegetables we use are locally grown, not canned or frozen like many other all-inclusive resorts.

“I think the guests really can appreciate the level of quality that we have there,” Chef said. “Even our bread is baked fresh and homemade. I believe in the fresh approach”

We implement this not only by sourcing produce from local farmers, but also by growing our own fruits and vegetables in our on-site greenhouse. Peppers, tomatoes, lettuce, microgreens, and herbs like mint and oregano are all grown organically on resort allowing our guests to enjoy the best local flavors.

Guests Applaud New Menu Items

At Serenity, we believe in keeping things interesting with daily specials for dinner in the Greathouse. However, we have several recurring menu items that guests can’t seem to get enough of. One of these is the lamb with rosemary and sun-dried tomatoes and another is the jerk-spiced Mahi with black beans, crème alfresco, and rice. The savory blackened lionfish with plantain and papaya slaw is full of island spice and sweet citrus flavor.

Lionfish is one of the popular special selections. These predator fish are an invasive species and a growing threat to tropical marine areas so catching them is widely encouraged to reduce their reef-destroying population. After many years of cooking and tasting lionfish, Chef Angelo has designed multiple delectable dishes and taught the local fishermen to catch and clean the fish properly. Lionfish dishes have been a resounding success at Serenity and we are excited to be able to offer our guests a unique Caribbean experience, while supporting the fishermen in our community.

Only the Beginning

Even with a fully-renovated menu and a commitment to fresh produce and local fish, Chef Angelo isn’t done embellishing Serenity’s culinary experience. He’s looking to host live cooking events for guests, where they can watch the process of preparing a meal and then taste unique dishes they can’t try anywhere else.

He’s also committed to making his team of chefs the best in the region. He teaches, coaches and guides the staff daily. As a graduate of the French Culinary Academy and winner of multiple restaurant awards, Chef Angelo is using his knowledge and passion for Caribbean dishes to inspire every member of the resort’s culinary team.

When asked about his biggest goal for Serenity, he said, “To be recognized as one of the top resorts in the Caribbean for outstanding gourmet cuisine. My goal is also to educate Coconut Bay’s team of chefs to make sure they become better culinarians, and ensure that we make our mark in the hotel industry as one of the best food and beverage destinations not only in Saint Lucia, but across the entire region.”